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what's the difference between soft pvc and silicone

soft pvc and silicone are two commonly used materials in garment accessories, shoes accessories, crafts and promotional gifts. Here are the main differences between soft pvc and silicone:

1.In terms of material composition, soft PVC products are mainly made from PVC powder (polyvinyl chloride), oil, and colorants, which are mixed and prepared using a micro-drip injection process and then cooled. Silicone products are primarily made from silicone raw materials and color pastes, where chemical elements are processed and mixed using a rubber refining machine, and the required materials are then heated and cooled in a mold using an oil press. Silicone can be in liquid or solid form.

2.In terms of appearance, soft PVC products tend to have a rougher texture compared to the smooth and glossy surface of silicone products.

3.Judging by the tactile experience, silicone products are soft, flexible, and have good resilience, while soft pvc is relatively less rigid. Both silicone and PVC softness can be adjusted, but PVC lacks resilience.

4.soft PVC materials can be either regular or environmentally friendly, also known as ATBC-PVC, while silicone can obtain RoHS certification, making it environmentally friendly.

5.Silicone products have minimal burning odor, and turn into powder when burned, whereas soft PVC products tend to turn black when exposed to fire and emit an unpleasant odor during combustion.

6.Silicone products have better heat and cold resistance compared to soft PVC products. Silicone products can be heated in a microwave, while PVC cannot.

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