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rubber keychain

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rubber keychain manufacturer provide custom services, accepting small-batch customization.

Design Support: Our team assists customers in translating their logos, trademarks, or design concepts into actual PVC label patch designs. Our designers utilize CAD software or other professional design tools to create and modify designs.

Material Selection: We offer a range of material options for label patches, including PVC and silicone. 

Custom Shapes and Sizes: Label patches can be customized in terms of shape and size according to customer requirements. We offer different mold options or can create new molds to ensure the label patches meet customers' exact specifications.

Colors and Effects: We provide various color and effect options,  Our craftsmen can color-match and process the label patches to achieve the desired effects as per customer preferences.

Small Batch Customization: Our company accepts small batch orders, which is attractive to small-scale businesses or emerging brands. We are flexible in meeting customers' needs, regardless of order size.

Quality Control: As a manufacturer, we ensure that our produced label patches meet customers' expectations in terms of quality. We implement strict quality control procedures, including material inspections, monitoring the production process, and conducting final quality checks to ensure consistent and reliable product quality.

rubber keychain

rubber keychain

rubber keychain